WordPress site Speedup Service


Price starts from $50

We speed up WordPress websites so that your visitors get the fastest surfing experience ever.

Why WordPress site Speedup needed?

Faster Website Loading

40% of visitors will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Better SEO Ranking

Google started using website speed as a ranking signal in their algorithm.

Better User Experience

Better user experience means a better conversion rate.

Our complete WordPress Speed optimization service helps you to provide the best user experience

What make your site slow?

Unoptimized Images

JavaScript Issues

Too Much Flash Content

Excessive HTTP Requests

Not using Caching Techniques

Unclean Code

Not Using gZIP Compression

Too Many Ads

Not Using a CDN Servicen

Bad Hosting

Speedup Procedure We follow

Enable compression

Leverage browser caching

Serve scaled images

Defer parsing of JavaScript

Optimize the order of styles and scripts

Optimize images

Minify HTML

Minify JavaScript

Specify a cache validator

Minify CSS

Specify image dimensions

Avoid bad requests

Avoid landing page redirects

Enable Keep-Alive

Inline small CSS

Inline small JavaScript

Minimize redirects

Minimize request size

Put CSS in the document head

Serve resources from a consistent URL

Combine images using CSS sprites

Avoid CSS @import

Prefer asynchronous resources

and much more….

How do I know my website speed status?

There are lots of free tools to check your website speed test. Some popular tools are enlisted.




Frequently Asked Question

How much faster can you make my WordPress site?
It depends on several elements, though we can make your site load in 1 to 5 seconds, Google and Gtmetrix page speed score 80 to 99.
When should I do speedup optimization?
When you have completed your design and content upload. And before promoting your site.
After speedup, speed result is permanent?
If you follow the instructions and upload your images after optmizing hope it will be the same.

We provide Google exactly what Google needed

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.